Dentist near Alpine, UT discusses TMJ disorder and treatments

TMJ Disorder and Treatments Near Alpine UT area

Your mouth is one of the most vital parts of your anatomy. Without it you could not breathe properly, take in nourishment, or communicate. Yet, while other joints such as wrists, knees, and shoulders get a lot of attention, we tend to ignore the health of joints in the mouth. Dr. Brian Isaacson is a general dentist serving patients in and near Alpine, UT. He helps them understand TMJ disorder and find effective treatments, for comfortable oral function. The amazing temporomandibular joint Bend your index finger or knee and you will realize that most joints in the body are meant … Continue reading

Complete general dental services for the whole family in Cedar Hills, UT

Doctor treats patient teeth in dental clinic

Cedar Hills Family Dentistry was the first dental practice in town, and has been providing quality, compassionate care for four decades. As the second-generation Cedar Hills dentist, Dr. Brian Isaacson is proud to continue this tradition of excellence. He and his team provide a full range of general dental services in Cedar Hills UT. What is general dentistry? General dentists have training in all aspects of oral health, with a particular focus on preventive care. They provide checkups, cleanings, advice, and a broad range of treatments. Your general dentist is the one you turn to for oral health concerns from … Continue reading