Adult orthodontics – because it is never too late to look great in Cedar Hills, UT

Closeup of beautiful girl with dental braces check upAt one time, it was common belief that orthodontics could only be successful if completed before the mouth was fully developed. Fortunately we now know that teeth can be straightened at any age. An increasing number of adults in the Cedar Hills, UT area are taking advantage of Six Month Smiles.

Why Cedar Hills, UT dentist offers adult orthodontics

Dr. Brian Isaacson has been caring for the smiles of men and women in the Cedar Hills community for more than 15 years. During that time he has seen the impact crooked teeth have on self-esteem, social interaction, and even career advancement. As a Six Month Smiles provider, he has also witnessed amazing transformations. Adult orthodontics is an investment in yourself, and for many, a stepping stone to other positive life changes.

How Six Month Smiles is different

Braces move teeth through bone remodeling. Orthodontic bands, brackets, and wires apply a mechanical force that stretches ligaments on one side of a tooth, creating a space that the body immediately begins to fill with new bone cells. Ligaments on the other side are compressed, causing a bit of bone to dissolve. This light, continuous pressure allows the bone to anchor teeth firmly as they settle into straighter alignment.

Six Month Smiles is an efficient method because it focuses on cosmetic improvement – straightening anterior teeth that show when you smile and speak. The system uses clear brackets and wires that match tooth color, so appliances are not obvious. Unlike removable aligners, Six Month Smiles is bonded to teeth, so compliance is not an issue.

This technique is appropriate for:

  • Gaps between teeth and spacing issues.
  • An asymmetrical midline.
  • Crowding and overlaps.
  • Open bite.
  • Overbite.
  • Reverse smile (when upper teeth appear to arc downward rather than up at the sides).

Average treatment time is four to nine months – you could be done before your next regular dental checkup! Call (801)-756-9154 to schedule a visit with Dr. Isaacson to find out if Six Month Smiles is right for you.