With professional teeth whitening, smiles gleam in Cedar Hills, UT

Perfect smile teethTeeth whitening has gained tremendous popularity in this country, and for good reason. It is one of the quickest, most economical ways to noticeably improve the appearance of your smile. Dr. Brian Isaacson in Cedar Hills, UT offers safe and effective alternatives to unsatisfactory retail products that may cause sensitivity or even harm teeth and gums.

How whitening works

Teeth look smooth and nonporous, but enamel is covered with microscopic tubules – channels that extend into the dentin layer. Plus, over time enamel may develop grooves and pits. Even with good home hygiene and regular cleanings, pigments from dark colored foods and beverages and tobacco settle into these textures. As we age, enamel thins allowing yellowish dentin to show through. Certain medical conditions and medications can also discolor teeth. The result is a smile that looks dingy yellow or gray.

Professional teeth whitening is a prescription strength peroxide compound. As it oxidizes, it reaches deep into dentin, loosening pigments and lifting them away. Products marketed as “whitening” usually just scrape surface stains with harsh abrasion. The processes used at Cedar Hills Family Dentistry can actually bleach teeth many shades lighter than their natural color.

Tailored teeth whitening options in Cedar Hills, UT

Your smile is special. That’s why Dr. Isaacson offers effective teeth whitening options customized to your teeth, lifestyle, and budget.

  • In-office bleaching – A protective barrier is applied to soft tissues and root surfaces. Then the bleaching agent is applied to teeth, while you relax. In about an hour, the formulation is removed, and your smile is noticeably brilliant.
  • At home whitening – Comfortable application trays are made from impressions of your mouth. Fill them with gel to whiten at your convenience, about an hour a day or while you sleep. If your teeth are sensitive, the doctor can add a buffering ingredient, or adjust your treatment schedule for gradual whitening.
  • Combination strategy – Many patients start with an in-office treatment, then whiten periodically at home to maintain luminous results indefinitely.

Give your smile the boost it deserves with teeth whitening at Cedar Hills Family Dentistry. The number in Cedar Hills, UT is (801)-756-9154.