Smiles are restored with dental crowns & bridges in Cedar Hills, UT

Smiling woman lying in a dental chairRestorative dentistry is a big part of the value Dr. Brian Isaacson brings to Cedar Hills, UT. His expertise in dental crowns & bridges has restored countless smiles in the community.

About crowns & bridges

A crown completely covers the portion of a tooth visible above the gumline. A tooth is prepared for a crown by removing areas of decay or damage and shaping remaining structure to form a solid foundation for the restoration.

Our office is equipped with leading edge digital scanning equipment. That means we no longer have to take physical impressions. Digital impression result in precise fabrication of crowns and bridges, for improved fit.

Crowns can be made of gold, stainless steel, or porcelain fused to a metal core. However, modern dental ceramics look beautifully natural and are strong enough even for the extreme bite force on molars. The process generally requires two visits to the dental office.

Dentistry is continually evolving, and in the last decade there has been a shift to dental implants over dental bridges for teeth that are missing or broken. A dental bridge impacts a minimum of three teeth to replace one that is missing. If there is ever a problem, the entire bridge must be replaced. An implant, however, is a preferred solution for a one tooth problem. It serves as a stand-alone replacement for the root of the missing tooth, with a porcelain crown restoring appearance and function. While a bridge may still be an alternative, an implant can be placed at a similar cost and is the best tooth replacement treatment available in modern dentistry.

In addition to repairing damage, you may need a crown to finish a dental implant, replacing a missing tooth, or to provide strength and protection to a tooth that has had root canal therapy. Crowns are also an essential element of dental bridgework.

Cedar Hills Family Dentistry did the most wonderful job on my new tooth. It’s absolutely awesome!

Caring for crowns & bridges

While a crown or bridge cannot decay, natural tooth structure is still susceptible, and without good hygiene, gum disease may develop around restorations. Plus, how Cedar Hills, UT patients care for dental crowns & bridges has a big impact on how long the restorations last. Dr. Isaacson provides clear instruction for brushing and flossing, and may recommend:

  • A floss threader to clean under a dental bridge.
  • An interdental brush to clean around a crown or the crowns on a bridge.
  • An oral irrigator, which flushes food, bacteria, and plaque with a stream of water.
  • A night guard to avoid damage to teeth and restorations, if you are a bruxer.

Expert restorative dentistry is available at Cedar Hills Family Dentistry. Call (801)-756-9154 for an appointment with Dr. Isaacson.