Technology contributes to effective dental treatment in Cedar Hills, UT

girl in dental labFor Dr. Brian Isaacson at Cedar Hills Family Dentistry, dental technology is so much more than equipping the office with the latest instrumentation. It represents his commitment to the community of Cedar Hills, UT – to provide the highest level of patient care, with accurate diagnosis, an efficient and comfortable treatment experience, and the best possible results.

Advanced dental technology at Cedar Hills, UT practice

Some of the devices you can expect to see (and benefit from) at Cedar Hills Family Dentistry are:

  • Digital x-rays – A quick and comfortable alternative to traditional films. Digital x-rays are very clear, and the process dramatically reduces radiation exposure.
  • Intraoral camera – About the size of a Sharpie, this camera gives you and the doctor a panoramic tour of your mouth, viewed on a monitor.
  • CBCT imaging/digital impressions – Layered, high resolution, three-dimensional images create a virtual model of your mouth, for accurate treatment planning, and no more gooey molds!
  • Anesthesia wand – It isn’t insertion of the needle that pinches – it is the rush of anesthetic. Even needle-nervous patients rarely mind numbing with the wand. This pen-sized device pre-numbs soft tissues and meters flow of anesthesia precisely.
  • Air abrasion – This instrument produces a controlled stream of air and fine abrasive medium to precisely reduce and shape tooth structure . . . without drilling.
  • Laser dentistry – Soft tissue procedures are virtually painless, with minimal bleeding and swelling and faster healing. The hard tissue laser preserves healthy tooth structure.

High-tech and high-touch

Please don’t think that the atmosphere at Cedar Hills Family Dentistry is cold and clinical, just because the office is well-appointed with modern technologies. Advanced instrumentation is simply a means for us to follow our passion – helping patients enjoy improved oral health that contributes to attractive appearance and overall wellness. You can count on genuine compassion and human warmth at each phone call, visit, and treatment.

Experience the kind of dental care you deserve. Call (801)-756-9154 to become Dr. Isaacson’s newest patient.