Root canals help patients in Cedar Hills, UT keep their teeth

Root canal treatment,Endodontic treatment is generally the only way to save a tooth when interior pulp tissue has become inflamed or infected. With a great deal of specialized training in restorative dentistry, Dr. Brian Isaacson performs “root canals” to help patients in the Cedar Hills, UT area keep their own teeth.

Why root canal therapy is needed

Inside each tooth, beneath the protective outer layer of enamel and rigid dentin structure, is a hollow filled with vascular tissue and nerves which extend through canals in roots. When bacteria reach this chamber, tissues become inflamed, nerves irritated, and pressure from infection builds. The condition may develop gradually as an intermittent toothache, tenderness when biting down, or gray discoloration. In other situations, it “blows up” suddenly as acute pain and a swollen face.

The need for endodontic therapy may result from:

  • Untreated tooth decay.
  • Decay hidden beneath old dental work.
  • Chips or cracks.
  • Trauma, such as a fall or sports injury, that damages pulp tissue.
  • Repeated dental work on a tooth.
  • Aggressive orthodontics.

Cedar Hills, UT dentist performs gentle root canals

In the hands of an experienced dentist, a root canal is about like getting a filling. The doctor may initially prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to get infection under control before your procedure.

On the day of your root canal treatment, Dr. Isaacson numbs your mouth, bringing instant relief. If you are very anxious about the procedure, the doctor may suggest inhaled, oral, or IV sedation. Then the tooth is opened, relieving pressure in the pulp chamber. Damaged tooth structure is reduced with gentle air abrasion rather than drilling. Pulp and nerves are removed, then the chamber and root canals are sanitized. The tooth is sealed and protected with a composite restoration.

You return in a few weeks to have the interim restoration replaced with a porcelain crown. This strong material looks natural, protects the tooth from further damage, and fully restores chewing function.

If you have an abscessed tooth, it is important to know that extraction is not your only option. Call Cedar Hills Family Dentistry at (801)-756-9154 for prompt treatment to save the tooth.